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The 4 year PET Scan.

Just had the 4 year full body PET Scan with CT yesterday at Stony Brook University Hospital's Cancer Imaging Center. I actually was eager to get it. No big deal now. The fasting was a breeze. And I knew the routing by heart, I felt like an expert and a veteran.. I'd have to count them up, but i think that I must have had about 4 or 5 PETs during the early part of my cancer detection and post surgeries, then one every six months for 3 years. So this one was probably the 10th to 12 PET scan! The contrasting white orange/lemon citrus drink I had to swallow was actually a tasty breakfast :)))) On the more serious side I did contemplate, the reality that this is another judgment day that awaits me. And I am comfortable with what ever the results are. I've been blessed with borrowed time. While laying down on the amazing mono rail track of the PETscan machine, I stayed there with my arms were fully extended over my head as my hands and arms turned numb from not moving for half an hour at a time. I did my best to ignore the itch i had on my face, my nose and everywhere else it inevitably appeared:) However during that time i reflected on my surreal fate, and prayed for Elana Rose and others who are in their second and third battles. As I was diagnosed in Feb 2008 with an 'Occult primary" (sounds so goth! LOL) ( Just means unknown primary cancer) that had already metastasized in Metastatic Squamous Cell Carcinoma in my lymph nodes in my neck, the bookies gave me to a 60% chance of recurrence with a probability of 28% of living 5 years. At year four, I am undoubtably one of the lucky ones, no matter what the future or this test results brings. As I've said before, the hell I went through was all worth it, even for an extra 4, 3 or even 2 years! I've live life with sunscreen! boating, driving my old CJ7 jeep and caring for our little herd of 14 goats and 26 chickens :) I'll post a couple pics for you. God bless you all and thank you for all the support over the years. To be continued..... :) Jacques Nemo Me Impune Lacessit
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Congrats on four years! I hope and pray that the results are clear! I agree and am 21/2 years out and feel blessed for every day extra I have!Here is hoping the the future brings more good results for all of us and cancer becomes a thing of the past!!!
 21 1/2 years!!!! I think there is a statute of limitations:) You shouldn't even be on this blog :) Isn't there an acid reflux survivors blog you should be at :)))) Only kidding! Thank you so much for your insight and the milestone and the wonderful insight on life you have blessed other with. God Bless, Jacques
 Haha I meant two and one half years out! and yes there is a blog not for acid reflux exactly but for people with swallow issues who are Peg tube lifers! I am on there too
Hey Jacques! I'm so glad you are doing very well and living life to the fullest! Now I will say, you seem to be enjoying the PET scans a bit too much! lol! You have me beat--I think I'm up to 8 of them. I still don't care for the contrast, but it's tolerable. Your survivor story should serve as a great example of what is possible. Odds can be beaten, as you have proven. I hope you get all great results on this scan and any future scans. God bless you for the Warrior that you are and how you continue to cheer on your BFAC friends. I wish you continued good health! Hugs-- Martha
 Thanks Martha, that is so kind of you:) You know, the dirty little secret blessing, is that if whether or not cancer kills you, it makes you stronger in ways only someone who has been through it can understand. From making your peace with God and your loved ones, we come to understand that the cancer is a way to give us a little time to right our wrongs, and focus on our soul, and the people in our lives that make our hearts flutter. Once you've been through this tunnel of hell.. do or die, you fear little. We are all obviously mortals, so cancer in the greater picture is nothing to fear. Sad is the person who squandered their life and never had an opportunity to make a mends. God bless you and always look for that glimmer of sun ray through stormthrough the
Thank you, Jacques. I think what you have stated is very true. We are proof that after what we've been through, we fear little. I even ALMOST let my oncologist's office give me mocha-flavored contrast for my next scan in 6 months! Instead, I opted for the Very Berry! lol! I hope you'll post those great results when you get them. May God Bless! 
Congratulations on the four years and I really love your attitude!
 Thanks Penny. Coming from the battle you're facing that means a lot! Stay strong. And don't put off treatments or testing. With cancer it's a battle to beat the clock.
Congratulations on the four years. It is so good to hear from you and hear you are doing well. Hugs.
THANK YOU, Jacques. I am doing well, praise God. It means so much to me to know that maybe something I did or said helped someone along the way. I wish I could do more. God Bless you, my friend. Joyce In NC
 You have helped me more than you know. And I'm sure I ain't the only one:) It's really pretty simple. When there is a call for help, we all do what's in our ability. Hugs and God bless!
 Hi Joyce, It's so nice of you to comment. And it's great to hear from you again. I will never forget how kind and supportive you were to me back in the heat of the battle. I hope you are well. God bless you :) Jacques
WTG bro… How could I not congradulate you when I got notice of your post toay. Also, it’s pretty special as you and I are on the same schedule, or close. I just had my PET for this year…, I’m on a six month schedule, PET, then six months later a CT, then after another six months, the PET. I’m just over 3 1/2 years post Tx now. I got the all clean, nothing new and nothing has changed since the PET last year… Best to you, and hope to congradulate you on many more. Best, John
 Hang in there John! Steady as she goes. All I can suggest is focus on becoming mentally stronger which makes you fearless and confident beyond your wildest expectations. I am so very far stronger and at peace with myself, than the younger me I was before I was launched into this journey. I'm in God's hands and I have been blessed. So many many other people would trade their predicament for mine. Wether it's birth defects, accidents, soldiers who are paralyzed or disfigured from IEDs! Each and everyone of us has our own cross to bare. I've learned to own and accept my limitations and my blessings. Still after all I've been through sometimes I forget and let little things get to me. I wish sometimes I had a third hand to slap my self when I ever I let that happen :) In the end we are all mortals! “On a long enough time line, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero.” – Fight Club Jacques Meanwhile: Nemo Me Impune Lacessit!
Jacques I think your one great guy. You have such an awesome attitude and you make me feel better for having had cancer because I get to meet people like you. God Bless you and I will pray tonight all is well with your pet scan.
 Thanks for the support!. I never celebrate. Don't want to jinx it. Just take it as it comes. As always, you probably know the awareness of the big "C" is always shadowing you every waking hour of every day. But it also gives me an inner strength knowing that there ain't much t fear after what we've been through!
Congrats on the 4 years! You are clearly one of the 28% (I had a doctor who was struck by a rare cancer when he was in his teens, with only a 10% survival rate at 5 years. He decided that he was in the 10%, and sure enough he was. If only it was actually that easy...). I hope you get good news with the PET results. -Melissa
 Hi Melissa, Thanks! When it comes down to it, I have no control over any of this. So I just remain grateful for each day, knowing that tomorrow is never a given!
Great post, Jacques! Glad to hear the last four years has been time well spent! I am praying your 10th+ PET scan will be a clear as the last! Scottie
Hey Scottie, Thanks for the thumbs up :)!! I honestly am not scared or worried. What ever the outcome I'll deal with it. It's not in my control. So why should i get all worried when it's in God' hands. :) I'll keep you posted! God bless, Jacques  
By my count it's 4 years 6 months since diagnosis! you are 6 months short of the ever loving 5 years. I think that's cause for a celebration. I sure know what you mean about scratching and numb limbs on those machines. You say it so humbly. GRATEFUL for what you have survived. I honestly shake my head every day, wondering why me, but then I say, thank you, thank you for letting me get this far. There are just frankly too many who just don't get that many years surviving. You are a lucky man, and best of all you know it. Thanks for the update. |I know you are fine.
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March 23, 2008

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June 4, 2008

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