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If you're still celebrating the unconstitutional ramming through of "Healthcare reform", I say celebrate and delude yourself as long as you can. The undeniable fact is that this is an unmitigated disaster for our nation and our health. By adding 30 million additional uninsured people (who won't be insured for another 4 years), to the "insurance roles", it will destroy the unparalleled quality medical care, all Americans received whether or not you had insurance. In 4 years, when the benefits fully kick in, we all will have healthcare, the way the government defines it. Expect the same high quality service and compassion you customarily get from your unemployment office, your social security or disability office, or your motor vehicle bureau. This legislation WILL put insurance companies out of business within 4 years. Starting in January expect your premiums to jump 100% as the govt immediately saddles them with unsustainable costs that you won't be able to afford. People will start to freak. Obama will say “see how evil these insurance companies are!” Meanwhile the whole medical industry will be turned on it’s head. No one knows what’s really in the 7,000 pages of ‘healthcare’ legislation besides massive spending, taxes and government control. Having health insurance will be mandatory by law for all, or you MUST pay a fine. Taxes are going to start going through the roof, and the real ‘benefits’ don’t start for another 4 years. Today, following the signing of the bill into law, tanning salons are the first to be hit with a new tax that starts immediately. At least Europe sank into socialized misery over the course of 50 years. These idiots are doing it in one big jolt. The trillions of dollars that we don’t have is going to push us further into debt. Meanwhile 14,000 new additional IRS agents will be trolling our neighborhoods trying to squeeze every dime out of us. Theoretically the Dems should lose big time in November, Except that they will save their hides by ramming through 25 million illegal aliens and turn them into voters before the next election. Adding 25 million new government dependent Democrats to the voter roles, will guarantee that Socialism will replace any remaining freedoms once guaranteed to us by our Constitution. May God have mercy on us and repel this Metastatic government cancer that is a deadly and terminal Obamanoma. Jacques Ditte
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I am so with you on everything you said! It is so scary knowing the inevitable is coming. You are right, we are definitely going to loose the quality of care we are now receiving and personally that scares the hell out of me! Your post says it all, thank you! Amy
Jacques-- As if being a cancer patient and dealing with all the unknowns that lie in the future isn't enough, we now have this keeping us awake at night! I couldn't agree with your thoughts more. Martha
OMG I was afraid to bring this up but I am so with you. People think it is hard to get a Drs appointment now well what is it going to be like when half the Drs in the USA go into other business or live off the money they made in the good old days. People think the Emergency Rooms/Dept in hospitals are bad now it will be days waiting not hours in the waiting room. We are so screwed I am really scared what is going to happen to this country.My husband devoted his life to protect. He was in the Army for 20 years retired as a SFC. When we were in Germany for 4 years I was so proud of being an American I just had my shoulders back and head held high and now I feel like I really am so ashamed of what this wonderful powerful country that I loved so much has become. People used to respect America and now we are the brunt of there jokes and it is a dam shame. Well they wanted change!!!! Love & hugs to you.. Pat
Dear Patty, Thanks for speaking up. It is by speaking up and out that we can beat this thing. As cancer fighters we know all too intimately, what death looks like and what a fight for your life is. Like your husband, (thank him for his service to our nation) we have faced uphill battles before, not by choice but by circumstance. We can play a big role in spreading the word about the disaster that this will bring on all of us, as we know what we are talking about. Don't be silent. Like a cancer, if you suspect something get it looked at and taken care immediately. The sobering words of German Pastor Martin Niemoller say it all: "When the Nazis arrested the Communists, I said nothing; after all, I was not a Communist. When they locked up the Social Democrats, I said nothing; after all, I was not a Social Democrat. When they arrested the trade unionists, I said nothing; after all, I was not a trade unionist. When they arrested me, there was no longer anyone who could protest." Jacques Ditte Nemo Me Impune Lacessit (No on treads on me with impunity)
I am petrified by this! I'll take my insurance quibbles any day over this! What the hell happened?? I don't know one single person who was for any of this! I'm scared for all of us. BTW, supposedly in those pages is a 4% tax on real estate sales???
I voted for President Obama and I support President Obama. I am glad that we are free to speak our minds here at BFAC, but personally I would like us to stay away from volatile subjects such as politics and maybe just stick with supporting each other in the cancer war that affects us all. Enjoy! Karen
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Hi, I understand you think it will be a wonderful thing. I'm not denying you your dream. No one here is condemning you either. You don't have to discuss the implications of what will affect us all. That's still a remaining opinion you are allowed to have. And we still have a right to discuss our concerns. On the other hand ,other cancer fighters like myself see the government is about to make our lives and our fight to survive our cancers a whole lot tougher. As i said from the start, I'm not raining on your parade. Celebrate your president's incredible victory. I hope it's everything you hopped it would be. And you're always welcome to change your mind and be received here with open arms. God bless, Jacques
I have tried to stay away from the political posts because, frankly, I feel they don't belong on this blog. But now I must comment, although I there probably is no common ground. Despite my temptation to refute each of your points, I will leave a more general statement. Health care is a fundamental human right. Just as we are a better nation with a literate population, so we can be a better nation with health care for all citizens. I am baffled that people against this health care bill give health insurance companies a free ride. Health insurance companies have a conflict of interest: they profit by denying services. Their profits and bonuses to CEOs in the last few years have been exorbitant while premiums rose faster than wages. Exchanges can increase competition and keep costs down, especially for self-employed (my husband) and workers in small business (me), who pay higher premiums than those in larger groups. Now that I have cancer, the champion of preexisting conditions,I would be terrified without reform of health care. If I am ever laid off, we will we will be stuck. The AMA is in favor of this bill (doctors), as is the Catholic Health Association (hospitals): For tort reform: more than half the states already have some cap on damage awards or attorneys' fees. While these are not as extensive as some would like, it is also not the free-for-all that is often represented in the press. Please, Jacques, let us all support one another to get through cancer. There are plenty of political forums but only one BFAC. Andrea
 Thank you Andrea! It is a human right to have healthcare no matter where you are! Also I totally agree that bringing ANY politics into BFAC leaves a bad taste in our mouthes! Healthcare will never be perfect no matter where you live but it can be improved everywhere! Your Canadian friend Val
Dear Andrea, My support and compassion is not affected by what the government does. I am completely vested in helping our friends with support in our life altering battles. I feel bad that you are troubled by the mere discussion of the topic, that will impact our care and yours. I'm not there to upset you, nor do i have an ax to grind. My interest in in saving my own life and that of my friends. Cancer is a tough enough battle to face. I'm sorry to break this to you but government will not be your benevolent friend in your battle or mine, but rather a faceless bureaucratic adversary that will make our battles even tougher. I'm not asking you to believe me. You will soon discover that government run health care insurance does not result better health care treatment. God bless, Jacques
"It will destroy the unparalleled quality medical care, all Americans received whether or not you had insurance." I'm sorry but... in what America do you exactly live in? I just want to know so that, the people who I know back there and who can't afford having an insurance, will go to these doctors you say give quality medical care to even those who don't have an insurance.
Dear Aprilynn, You live in the United Kingdom, I see. By all means stay there. Your healthcare is exemplary. You are correct, our healthcare pales in comparison to what your government offers your people. We can only dream of the lines, and the bureaucracy that you just take for granted.
I read the bill. As Americans our goals should be to have folks work and buy their own health care. We are the land opportunity..the opportunity to make something of yourself. Bigger Government and more IRA agents is not my idea of an improvement. My expertise is health care and demographics. I think all employers should be required to offer high deductible health plan. Mine costs $35 a month. It pays for one annual check up a mammogram and gyn exact at 100% but no RX. After $1,200 I start getting covered. Thus for a just over dollar a day folks could have health insurance and have a negotiated discount,...and have a reasonable $1,200 out of pocket. all foplks need to work and all folks need to carry their own health care. No welfare. No madicaid. Whatr OBAMA is proposing is really insurance for illegal aliens...oh and Muslims who do not have to get the new insurance. The unions want the Government to pay for insurance so they do not have to. I think the fed employees should be switched to high deductible plans. do I want insurance limits on plans. YOU bet. Folks can buy catastrophic insurance if they want. I;m sick and tired of ILLEGALS or Medicaid folks using up lots of insurance dollars on stuff that is not right. I was there in the lunch room in Miami when the CUBANS bragged they come to America do not have to learn the language or pass the citizenship test and they can go and DEMAND free health care from the best places. We need the Government out of our personal lives. The 7,000 page plan had very little positive provisions and a lot of troubling ones.
Gosh, I couldn't disagree you more. Our insurance premiums just went down because of "Obama-care". The provision that 80% of the premium has to go for direct care meant the ins. co. actually lowered our rates for this year, as a means to refund their overcharging last year. (And this is after my claims for Rads & Chemo last year totaled over $250,000.) And my sister is overjoyed that she can keep her youngest son on her ins. plan until he turns 26. Within the next year all preventative screening will be available at zero or very low cost. There are patients right now who can finally breath a sign of relief because they can't be denied for "pre-existing" conditions. The Affordable Health Care act is already helping millions, including cancer warriors. Sure it's not perfect, but let's cheer the biggest change to help people that we've seen in decades. And I absolutely agree with Andrea, there's no need to be "trash talking" politics here at BFAC. I love this site for all the awesome cancer warriors who come here to share support and love.
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Dear Nicole, You are welcome to your opinion:) I know first hand that socialized medicine is a disaster. Thre is not a single thing that I trust the government to do better than the private sector. Except it knows how to spend money it doesn't have ($14 trillion debt) Take under force of law money from those who do have and give it to those who don't, and force otherwise everyday decent people to become dependent on the government handout. I do however agree with you that this site is a terrific asset that has been launched and maintained without government interference or handouts. God bless you in your battle against your cancer. Respectfully, Jacques Nemo Me Impune Lacessit "Socialism in general has a record of failure so blatant that only an intellectual could ignore or evade it." -- Thomas Sowell
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