A couple of weeks ago "they" came out with new guidelines saying you should now wait till you're 50 for a mammogram, instead of 40. This morning on ABC news (Fri Nov 20), some doctors announced "new" guidelines declaring you don't need pap smears every year and you shouldn't start at 18 but wait till 21. Next week i'm waiting to hear what 'doctors' say about new guidlines for getting prostate checkups? Probably push'em back till your 60! Anybody getting the feeling that they are preparing us for what will be covered in Obamacare? This story which just broke this morning. You can find it on the abc news website. If you don't believe me just google "pap smear" and "new guidelines." I encourage you to take action today and defeat this horrific legislation as the Senate is prepared to vote on Obamacare tomorrow Sat Nov 20. The 3 crucial swing votes are; Senator Bill Nelson (202) 224-6551 Senator Blanche Lincoln (202) 224-4843 Senator Mary Landrieu (202) 224-5824 I try not to involve politics on this site. But when we are already literally fighting for our lives against our own cancers it becomes personal. Obamacare must be stopped. Our lives depend on it. The government will not mandate the care of my body or my health. God bless you all, Jacques
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Louise threw a punch at your cancer.
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Thanks for the information my hubby was talking about. Love ya
omg that's so nuts... forget what they said- we women should go ahead to get 'em done regardless of our ages.
its funny, didnt hear about this until you posted. as I was reading, it came on the tv. But anyway i agree with you on this. it's night right. no matter what your age, you should always check your health or be able to.
its not right*
Thanks for posting this info, Jacques. As for me, I'm 56 yo and I'm not about to change what I've been doing for the past 35 years. Yearly for both the pap and the mammogram, no matter what the government says.
I will try to keep politics out of this. My background is in public health. I have done a lot of work in women's health and with teenagers. Cervical cancer and breast cancer are not the same disease. With rare exception, cervical cancer is caused by the human papilloma virus(HPV), and the virus is sexually transmitted. Biopsies and [unnecessary] treatment of the cervix can cause enough damage to increase the risk of premature birth for subsequent pregnancies. This guideline was issued by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG). While I am not one to defend doctors, in this case performing fewer procedures will decrease doctors' revenues, so perhaps there is more than self interest here. Breast cancer is more complicated, especially for younger women who typically have dense breasts. Many women have been saved by early detection, but mammograms still miss too many cancers. I am concerned about cumulative radiation to the breasts by multiple mammograms. How many breast cancers have actually been caused by mammograms? But I am troubled by the recommendation to stop teaching self-exam. Women know their breasts better than a doc they see once a year. And I think the concern about women's anxiety is condescending. As to "Obamacare" -- Folks in Congress want to be reelected and they are unlikely to do anything so wildly unpopular as to limit mammograms.There is not yet an actual health care bill anyway. The House has passed its version, but not the Senate. If the Senate passes a bill,the conference committee, with reps from both houses, meets to hammer out one bill. Most likely, this final bill won't look much like either the present House version or the [possible] Senate version. I don't want to panic and toss the whole idea of health care reform. For any cancer, people without health insurance or under-insured will be diagnosed later than those with good health insurance, will generally receive less treatment, and will die earlier. I'm sorry this is so long.I am a cancer patient too, with advanced disease. I hate this disease. No one should have to suffer.
GET YOUR PAP SMEARS LADIES!!!!!!! Take it from a girl who knows the consequences of not be consistant in doing so............ I call total bullshit on these so called new guidelines......True~~~ cervical cancer is in general a slow growing cancer but why even give it the CHANCE to continue to grow if it can be nipped in the bud early!! As well, not ALL cc IS slow growing and tends to skip around??? Why take that chance? Not me.......I am there because I HAVE to be now with paps every 3 months ,but will be there EVERY year after I am released from my oncologist's care. PERIOD!
Hey Beege, You are absolutely right. But your thinking may soon be the "old rules". Your oncologist will be forced to abide by the "new" rules of the 2,000 page "healthcare" monstrosity if it becomes law. Containing costs by rationing healthcare will be the things will be done. And the way it will be determined if you are 'worthy' of treatment is by your "QARY number". QARY, is Quality Assessed Residual Years. In other words they figure our based on your health condition and your age, they will figure out your QARY number. Don't believe me? Google: QARY and healthcare! If based on your QARY number it turns out you are not worth the expense you will be denied treatment. Government has NO BUSINESS playing doctor and telling us how to best care for ourselves!
Dear Jacques; I'm so glad you brought this up. As a Canadian, I DO NOT HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT MY HEALTHCARE, period. I am disgusted that the american public are not out in the millions marching to the Washington steps,yelling and screaming for what is rightfully yours. You pay taxes don't you? If you can afford to send your young men to war, at billions of dollars a year, you can afford to take care of your own people. It's that simple a premise. I would wager, that most people on this blog found their cancer through testing, not all by themselves! I have had pap smears for years, since age 20 and Idon't have cervical cancer. The blogger, Andreai, may have medical background but I will stick with my own Dr.'s advice. I have a mammo every year since 35 and I certainly don't believe cancer came from that. It is in my parental background. So to say that we should listen to guidelines from Insurance prone Doctors, you can be rest assured it is THEIR interests at the heart of this diabolical chatter. Stop it before it's too late! JMO, as your friend and neighbour up in Canada
Thanks for your comment. Yes government healthcare is disaster waiting to happen. A miracle from God came down on Tuesday sparing us for now of this atrocity. Government will never stop. And we must always be vigilant and fight back. God bless, Jacques "Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigues of supporting it." -Thomas Paine
My Breast Cancer was dx att the time the news was announcing the suggested change in mammo age. Well I am 52 years old and I have been getting my mammos ALMOST annually and had I not been getting them maybe my cancr would have been missed because the Radiologist would not have had anything to compare. I was very fortuinate I had the best breast cancer (If you will), I was told by the Dr that if I had to have breast cancer that this was the best to have it is DCIS Ductal Carcinoma In Situ. It is curable and I am very gratful to the radiologist that found the DCIS I did have some problems with radiologist disagreeing on how much was DCIS and after a 2nd & 3rd oppinion I decided to go with a lumpectomy which I had on Jan 15th, I start radiation on 2/15 5 days aweek for 6 weeks, but I am so against the Obama plan I think this country needs to ask the Drs that are working now if they will continue to work I know several that will give up medicine and do something else. That is why it takes so long to get appoints there arent enough Drs for the demand, I pray that we dont end up with that as our medical care .. Pat (a former Long Island girl I grew up in Patchogue.
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