Chapter 5 WE HAVE LIFT OFF!!!

Well, i finally can say i started my radiation. I felt prepared and ready to forge ahead. The first big question i had was answered. Would i get sick from the amaphostine? Well no i didn't. The doc gave me a script for Zofran which i understand is some serious anti nausea pills which i take 2 hours before the daily amaphostine injection. Appartently it did the trick. I did feel slightly queazy about 3 hours later so i took a second one and that did the trick. I spent the day trying to figure out if i could feel any symptoms of radiation. I think i now have some dry mouth but so far so good. This afternoon, i went back for my second radiation and amaphostine. Same thing felt fine, though a bit borderline by the time dinner came around. I decided that locking in a 2:30pm radiation daily appointment would be best. That way at least i can get a couple of hours work done in the morning and then i have the rest of the day and evening to just rest up. My neck feels a little hot and my throat dry but those are the only symptoms so far. By the way when i picked up the Zofran i saw the bill for 30 pills and thought it was a typo. $1,130.00! Thank God my insurance covered it. My out of pocket, zero. By the way in will try to write about my Health insurance plan which has been awesome. I have my own HSA health savings account that i can contribute $3000.00/yr to and it's tax deductible like an IRA. The health insurance is a high deductible insurance premium, where i am responsible for the first $5600.00 then i am covered 100%. I've reached my deductible and now i have zero out of pocket. My premium is about $150/mo. Last year since i didn't have cancer i never came close to meeting my deductible but i did save tons of money by not spending $500/mo on the regular health insurance. Tomorrow it's back for radiation #3. 27 sessions to go!
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hey i've been reading your posts. i just became a member here not too long ago. my mother was diagnosed with tonsil cancer stage 4. she's probably gonna be going through the same as you. i'd love to chat with you - and see how your doing with your treatments. be sure to keep us posted! -- your in my thoughts & prayers -- -Rachel
If we put together all the man hours we recently diagnosed cancer patients log on the internet searching for info, answers, advice or even just to make us feel better, we could probably cover the globe 20x over I feel for you because although my primary for my skin cancer was located, it still drives me beyond all scope of insanity, asking myself, 'was this my primary or a result of another hot spot in my body and cancer cells even in small does are still lurking, waiting to multiply again ' I can't imagine not knowing primary at all. All I can say, be your own advocate, search, ask and demand all tests be done to rule out any and all possible causes. HPV is something they're saying now causes some squamous cell carcinoma of the tonsils...but you say your tonsils were okay right? I'd still have them test you for HPV..heck I had them test me for EVERYTHING in my blood work, including my potassium levels to make sure that I am having my immune system at top level to fight off ANY cancer cell mutation. Good Luck and I'll say mucho prayers for you Donna
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March 23, 2008

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Hampton Bays, New York 11946

June 11, 1959

Cancer Info

Throat Cancer

Metastatic Squamous Cell Carcinoma with Occult Primary.

February 8, 2008

5.1 - 6.0 cm


Lymph nodes on neck.

Stony Brook University Hospital. Department of Radiology

You never know how strong you are, until strong is the only choice you have left.

June 4, 2008

Swollen lymph node on the right side of my neck. Post surgery, official classification TX, N2b, M0


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