Peanut and bottle feeding time

Peanut and bottle feeding time
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My grandmother had a farm and we had sheep and goats (lots of animals).. When I was little I had one little lamb try to bump me into the pond:) My grandmother had her doors open and they would just walk in... it was really something:)
There really is something truly 'grounding' to do outdoor stuff like goats, or even grow a garden. Six of our kids last summer were sold to the Gould Farm in MA. It's a huge farm in a remote area, that cares for folks with various psychiatric issues. The goats are excellent therapy for the patients/ residents and the goats love going out on walks with them.
So sweet, I had a Border Collie/ blue Heeler who would take off and go down the the farm near us, he would then proceed to try to herd them while they were inside an electric fence, not a great idea, they were pricey goats and we didn't want them to get hurt, the farmer would put then in the normal pasture and phone me to see if Dezi my dog wanted to come over to work with them, he loved it and I would take him there about 6 times every summer. not sure what type they were but they had the floppy ears and he said they good for eating. love your pictures Jacques , now I want some LolL, we have 10 acres used to raise rock hens but I think goats are way cuter Smiles!
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March 23, 2008

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Lymph nodes on neck.

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June 4, 2008

Swollen lymph node on the right side of my neck. Post surgery, official classification TX, N2b, M0


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