Our little Peanut.

Our little Peanut.

Peanut was born last summer and was abandoned by her mother at birth. So we bottle fed her and raised her. It's getting to be that time where we have to tell her the truth. Peanut, the fact is darlin'… your a goat!

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awww thats awesome... how precious to have those experiences.. You rock!
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lol, yeah it's pretty cool! :) Sadly for my Mom whose hear I broke(may she rest in peace), those are my only kids. But they ain't goin' to college! :) Not wasting 50G for my kids to major in Mayan transgender studies!
awww she is so cute, being an animal lover it would be tempting to keep her a people baby, she is adorable thanks for making me smile tonight hugs
How sweet!
Oh noes!! Well, tell Peanut for me that I know my adopted Daddy loved me like I was his own. ;) Seriously, Peanut is too cute!!
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Lol awesome!
Ahhh, she is adorable.
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